Extruded Plastic Profile from HPE Extrusion Solutions

Extruded Plastic Profile
from HPE Extrusion Solutions

HPE Extrusion Solutions: a track record of  achievement in custom plastic extrusions

HPE was founded in 1972 as Hunsinger Plastic Extrusions, a niche custom manufacturer of extruded plastic profile products. Since that time, HPE has gained vast experience in the extrusion of complex profiles of all shapes and sizes using an impressive variety of traditional and advanced resins.

Above and beyond our capabilities for rising to the most difficult extrusion challenges, we pride ourselves on our reputation for delivering uncompromising quality and service.

Our uncommon skills in the field of plastic extrusion have attracted the attention -- and contracts from -- some of the nation's leading original equipment manufacturers (OEM's), including many Fortune 500 companies. Among the respected names in American industry for whom we have extruded parts and products are General Motors, Siemens, Toro, Hewlett-Packard, Kimball International, Inc., General Electric, Cooper Industries, and Thomson Electric, Pitney Bowes.

Here are just a few of the capabilities that have commanded the loyalty of these leaders of industry:

Experienced  Staff. Our engineering staff works hand-in-hand with your engineers and designers from product development through production completion. Each of our three shift managers has at least 16 years of on-the-job experience, while our tool and die manager has more than 25 years of experience.

Extrusion  Tooling   The starting point for long-lasting, consistent plastic extrusions is the tooling. At HPE, our in-house die development team takes into consideration a variety of factors, including material performance, the flow and heat transfer characteristics of  molten plastic, design intricacies and the vagaries of extrusion processing. Properly designed tooling results in reduced machine problems, optimal product control, increased production efficiency and reduced product development costs.

Advanced Engineering Resins   As a custom extruder, we have the capabilities to run virtually any thermoplastic resin, including flexible and rigid PVC, HDPE and polypropylene; but we specialize in innovative engineering resins, such as ABS/PVC alloys and difficult-to-run elastomers, such as acetal, Santoprene, nylon and glass-filled ABS.

Production Versatility    We operate 11 extrusion lines 24 hours a day.  Our single screw units range from 3/4" to 2 1/2" which allows us to extrude a wide range of sizes and shapes. We can produce profiles ranging in size from 1/16" to 3" profile with a virtually unlimited length. All of which means we can produce parts, products and profiles of virtually any complexity and deliver them to you on time every time.

Custom Colors   We can custom extrude parts and products in virtually any color across a full spectrum of hues. We have many standard plastic resin colors in stock but, if your plastic extrusion project requires a special color, our team of experts can match any color to your requirements. We will then make up samples for your approval. We can also add ultraviolet stabilizers for protection against harsh UV rays, add anti-static additives, anti-microbial agents and even fragrances.  

SHORT RUN CAPABILITIES At HPE, we welcome short run extrusion jobs: profiles ranging in size from 1/16" to 3" in quantities as low as 10,000 units. And prompt turnaround remains a given no matter how large or small your order.

Value-Added Services  An important part of HPE's extrusion solutions is our full range of secondary operations, including drilling, punching, milling, sawing, printing, application of tape and sub-assembly work. Your part can be ready for you to install when you get it. This saves you time and money in your manufacturing process.

Quality Assurance.  At HPE, we are committed to quality from the receipt of your order to final shipment. That means 100% quality checks through every stage of production and  strict adherence to Acceptance Quality Limits (AQL)

From top management to the worker on the production line, the people here at HPE Extrusion Solutions take personal pride in getting your extrusion job done right the first time. We welcome you to browse our website, and please contact us with any questions.

The next time you’re faced with a difficult extrusion challenge, call on HPE for a practical and effective solution.