Advanced capabilities to meet your most demanding extrusion challenge

HPE currently extrudes an endless variety of plastic profiles, tubing or rod. Difficult and intricate extrusions that challenge our manufacturing capabilities are the jobs we thrive upon. If you give us a blueprint, we can produce it.

We run most common thermoplastics resins, including flexible and rigid PVC, HDPE and polypropylene; but we specialize in innovative engineering resins, such as ABS/PVC alloys and difficult-to-run elastomers, such as Santoprene, nylon and glass-filled ABS. We can also combine different resins according to your needs. To keep abreast of the latest developments in plastic technology, we are always evaluating new materials so check with us when you have an unusual request. Among the many resins which we routinely extrude are:

• Acrylics
• Alcryn
Flexible PVC
• Glass filled resin
• Polystyrene
• Polyurethane
PVC Alloy
Rigid PVC
• Teflon FEP
• Urethane
• Wood filled resin

HPE’s machines’ single screw units range from 3/4″ to 2 1/2″ which allows us to extrude a wide range of sizes and shapes. We can produce profiles ranging in size from 1/16″ up to 6″ diameter with a virtually unlimited length. So chances are, we can do the size you need.

The starting point for long-lasting, consistent plastic extrusions is the tooling. At HPE, our in-house die development team takes into consideration a variety of factors, includingmaterial performance, the flow and heat transfer characteristics of  molten plastic, design intricacies and the vagaries of extrusion processing. Properly designed tooling results in reduced machine problems, optimal product control, increased production efficiency and reduced product development costs.

You can rely on HPE’s experienced tooling development personnel to transform the design or drawing for even your most complex profile into a quality die capable of  producing extruded parts and products to your exact specifications time after time.

Drawing on our many years of experience in color matching, HPE can produce virtually any color across a full spectrum of hues. We have many standard plastic resin colors in stock but, if your plastic extrusion project requires a special color, our team of experts can match any color to  your requirements. Simply submit a sample of the material you wish us to match or specify a color from any recognized color matching standard, such as Pantone or any other color matching system (CMS). We will then make up samples for your approval.

We can also add ultraviolet stabilizers for protection against harsh UV rays, and add anti-static additives.

An important part of HPE’s extrusion solutions is our full range of secondary operations, including drilling, punching, milling, sawing, printing, application of tape and sub-assembly work. Your part can be ready for you to install when you get it. This saves you time and money in your manufacturing process.

At HPE, our people are not only experienced; they are conscientious – we take pride in our work. That means 100% quality checks and close tolerance operations, AQL Quality Inspection.

HPE has comprehensive in-house tooling capabilities from die manufacturing to vacuum sizing and we operate 11 extrusion lines 24 hours a day. All of this speeds up the turn-around time and helps get your job delivered on time every time. And we can offer you just-in-time delivery if you need it to streamline your manufacturing process.

Each of our three shift managers has at least 16 years of on-the-job experience, while our tool and dye manager has more than 25 years of experience. In fact, the average length of on-the-job experience of all our extrusion operators is over six years.